If what you need is to thermally insulate your house from the outside against heat losses, the appropriate reform is the external wall insulation. Contrary to what you might think, it is a simple and quick work that does not require cumbersome processes.

As it is quite common for heat losses to occur through facades and windows, especially in homes older than twenty years, external wall insulation is one of the most common solutions when the desired effect is to improve the thermal insulation of the house.

The insulation of the outside wall allows the isolation of a house, improving the thermal efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Depending on the needs or deficiencies of the property, it will be necessary to act on some elements of the property (i.e. roofs, windows, floors, draughts, and walls). The system consists of applying an insulation board coated with adhesive and also a reinforcement material.

The method of fixing the outside wall will depend on the property’s height, its style, and the weather conditions. In addition, the facade, as well as the type of surfaces, will determine the solution and the method to be applied.


Benefits of External Wall Insulation Bristol


There are several advantages derivable from the thermal insulation of the external walls of a house. We list them below:

  1. Energy savings: An investment in this type of treatment can be very beneficial in the aspect of a considerable reduction in energy bills. Experts estimate that the use of heating can be reduced by 50% with this type of treatment. Whatever the exact percentage, what is a fact is that insulation contributes to energy savings.

The optimisation of the wall insulation significantly reduces the consumption of heating and air conditioning. For example, it will not be necessary to turn on the heating for so long in winter.

  1. Improvement of the comfort, health and habitability of the house occupants: It should also be noted that, through thermal insulation, occupants of the home can have greater comfort. For example, if there is a lot of humidity in your home, it can be related to heat loss through the walls. Water vapour condenses on the coldest walls and in the least isolated corners. Houses that have higher humidity cause or aggravate respiratory problems. Effective external insulation of the house reduces the effects of condensation and eliminates a large number of thermal bridges.

Therefore, the insulation of the walls will help to conserve the energy generated in the interior and also to reduce the humidity levels. Hence, it can considerably improve the habitability of spaces and the health of those who inhabit them.

  1. Acoustic insulation: Thermal insulation, due to the characteristics of the materials used, also helps to isolate the house from the annoying noise coming from outside, such as traffic.
  2. Quick work: The external wall insulation services offered by Design Potential in Bristol does not require, in most cases, leaving the house or generating excessive dirt during the procedure since the work is carried out from the outside. It is a treatment which is simple and easy to apply. In no time, your home will be fully-insulated and ready.

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