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Internal Insulation (commonly known as drylining) is more commonly used to insulate homes with stone, mass concrete or cavity block walls. Internal Insulation is ideal for homes without a cavity in which you wish to preserve to aesthetics of external walls such as stone or antique features.

A good example would be a mass concrete house with no insulation in the external walls, by fitting 82mm insulaplasterboardoard you could potentially reduce the heat loss of that dwelling by up to 87%.

It can be more disruptive than external insulation, but we do aim to keep it to a minimum by doing it on a room to room basis. Call us for a free survey and to discuss any concerns.

Floor & Attic Insulation

EWI does undoubtable make a difference but coupled with other insulation such as loft insulation and floor treatments where the structure of the dwelling allows e.g. Park home, holiday homes, static caravans, the dwelling will obtain maximum benefit, please get in contact to discuss in detail what best suits your needs.


An external wall insulation system (or EWIS) is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative exterior procedure involving the use of expanded polystyrene, mineral wool, polyurethane foam or phenolic foam, topped off with a reinforced cement based, mineral or synthetic finish and plaster.

As Fassa Bottolo approved installers we can offer with confidence functionality while also been aesthetically pleasing and gaining the maximum in energy performance, this is obtained using the Fassatherm External Insulation System. We have a huge range of colours and textures available.

The KEY Benefits

-Potential to increase property value by improving the outer appearance

-Reduces condensation and helps minimise damp

-Savings on energy bill approx… £450 per property per year

-Reduces noise intrusion and improves the weather tightness of a property

-Keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

-Low Maintenance

Brick effect and pebble dash finishes can also be applied over the insulation, Call us for a free survey to discuss your needs.

Insulation is the term used to describe any material that will reduce heat loss or heat gain by acting as a barrier between areas of different temperatures. It can be seen on and around central heating boilers and hot water pipes. It is also commonly used in roof spaces and cavity walls to keep your home at a more constant temperature. It limits the amount of heat that will escape from your home in winter and stops it from getting too hot in summer weather. Most are made from primary materials such as wool, glass or rock and formed into rolls or blocks that will fit into cavity walls and roof spaces.


Lower your heating costs by keeping the heat in your home

By insulating your home you are creating an extra barrier between the inside of your home and the exterior. This means heat will be kept in the home instead of being influenced by the outside temperatures. Heat flow between rooms will be less as each room stays at a more stable temperature. This means the boiler will not be kicking in as often and thus lowering heating costs. Whether you use a coal, gas or electric boiler you will see savings from day one after you properly insulate your home.

Increased comfort in your home

Your whole home will be a more even temperature throughout so you won’t be moving from a hot room to a cold room and your comfort levels will increase. No more cold floors first thing of a morning and your home will be warm and cosy all day long. In summer months you won’t need to cool your house as much as the insulation will help keep the heat away from the inner spaces of your home.

Carbon footprint reduction

By using less energy to heat or cool your home, you are leaving a smaller carbon footprint behind. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced and this creates a better environment for our children and grandchildren to live in.

Increases value of your property

If you decide to sell your home and move elsewhere you will get a better price for your home if it is well insulated. Everyone wants to save money and by you doing the work you get more money for your home as utility costs are more desirable for the new owners.

Health and wellness benefits

Living in continual cooler temperatures does affect our immune system. This makes us more susceptible to colds, flu and infections. Insulation also acts to keep your home drier and this means less mould that can cause many health related problems. By keeping your home warmer and drier in winter months you are looking after the health of you and your family.

Many options available

Regardless of the age of your home you will find insulation suitable to use. The easiest way is when building a new home but an older home will also benefit from the sue of insulation.

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